Grow a stache

Whether you have an alpha lip sweater that likes to be seen in a few days or a silent but deadly peach fuzz that can only be seen in the right light. It's time to grow every May.

Be Awesome

Start talking about your new found friend on your face to people you know or don't know. Once those follicles start to appear you will change and you will be awesome.

Raise Money

Get on Facebook, go to work on time, and rock the stache like a boss. Show that glorious stache to the world and they will just give you everything they have. Yeah, it's that easy brother.


Q: Really?

A: Yes, really.

Q: What if my girlfriend says I can't have a mustache?

A: Dump her. Its that simple. First, its not going to work "long term" if she can't see the beauty of your lip sweater. Second, once you start growing you will have scores of random women giving you cell phone numbers to try to get a taste of your cookie duster.


Q: Is there any way I can support you without actually growing a mustache?

A: Yes, several in fact. First, you can simply support one of the growers by making a donation. Second, you can come to the checkpoint parties. If you are a girl, you can join as a StacheGroupie (there are lots of them). We anticipate quite a group of women to be left in our Burt Reynolds stud wake.

Q: Seriously. For real for real?

A: Absolutely. Since our first campaign in 2009 we have raised over $3.2 million for local children's charities. Yes, growing mustaches. At some point it starts to feel legitimate.


Q: For real, eight charities this year?

Yup.  Due to the virus keeping us from having checkpoints, we have a unique opportunity to help a whole heap of local children's charities as they battle through unprecedented challenges.

Can I grow for just one charity?

Yes, if you are affiliated with a particular charity you will have the option to designate all of your donation dollars to them.  Otherwise, you will be growing for all 8 charities.  (No, you can't pick more than one and you can't change your mind halfway through because mustache men are decisive).


Q: Can I grow a goatee?

A: No. Mustaches only. No goatees, fu manchus, beards, punk patches, soul patches, cabbage patches, mutton chops, pork chops, karate chops, chin snuggies, jaw poppies, Egyptian curlers or anything south of the mouth. Sideburns are allowed but must stay north of the stache.

Q: How do I donate? Is my donation tax deductible?

A: Yes, your donation is 100% tax deductible. Just click on the Donate Now button in May to make your donation. Make sure to specify what Grower you are supporting.


Q: Do I have to go to all of the checkpoints?

A: No, and this year we probably won't have any in-person checkpoints.  But if there is any way to salvage any form of Stache Bash we swear by Burt Reynolds mustache (RIP) that we will make it happen.

Q: How do I get information about being the next M4K Charity Partner?

A: Check our website in February for information on our charity selection process.  And "like" us on Facebook for updates and announcements.  We are looking for local charities that are focused on children.


Q: Is it possible to win seven Olympic gold medals with a mustache?

A. Yes, Mr. Spitz. You know that it is.  We didn't forget you.

Need to know more...

If this didn't convince you then check out what happens when we grow.