Welcome to Higgins' Hideout

Selleck Society Members Only

This is a special place where Selleck Society Members can congregate and share content that less awesome growers cannot see. You are special now. You get things.

Rules of the Selleck Society:

1. Be awesome.

2. You may taunt a fellow Selleck Society member for growing a weak mustache, but you may not do so in front of non-Sellecks.

3. You shall not make fun of a non-Selleck for being a non-Selleck. We are to encourage others to join our ranks by making it awesome.

4. You will treat the Selleck Lounge with respect and will act like a gentlemen whenever inside. You will not invite non-Sellecks into the Selleck Lounge unless they are hot girls. Women are allowed inside the Selleck Lounge by invitation only.

5. No farting, or "Trebbeking", in the Selleck Lounge.

6. Once Selleck, you must strive to achieve Selleck status in each and every year thereafter.

7. There is no crying in the Selleck Society.

8. You are not required to wear a shirt. Ever. You may not shave your chest either.

The Selleck Society Toast

We raise a glass to Selleck

Covered in bitches and sand

Whose mustache so angelic

Inspired us to raise a grand.