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Mustaches for Kids Omaha is the local chapter of Mustaches for Kids International, a volunteer-run organization started in Los Angeles in 1999 to do good and have fun by growing Mustaches for children's charities. The concept is pretty simple, you get pledges/donations to grow a mustache for one month. All the money raised during this fundraiser is donated to a local children's charity. We select our charity in the spring so check back here in February for info on our selection process.

In the past, we have partnered with Camp CoHoLo (Children's Cancer Camp of Nebraska), Nebraska Children's Home Society, Children's Respite Care Center, Make-A-Wish Nebraska, HETRA (Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy), Ted E. Bear Hollow, and Youth Emergency Services. We have raised over $1,300,000 in our first eight years. Yes, that is million with an M.

At the end of the growing season, we have Stache Bash, a mustache-themed costume party during which we crown the winner of the coveted "Sweetest Stache" and hand out other awards that are cherished by the recipients. So it's all pretty simple: mustache, charity, and competition infused with meaningless pageantry. You can spare four weeks of your life for that. 

In the words of Mark Twain, "I've never met a man with a mustache that was not good, honest, decent, awesome, good-looking, humble, sexy, wise, and a fantastic dancer." (from "The Book of Stuff Mark Twain Never Said")


Our Board of Directors

Kris Covi - President/Bacon Curator          Kevin Covi - CEO/Fry Cook

Valerie Pope - Chief Medical Officer

Jennifer Rudd - Guardian Angel    George Svagera - Special Projects

Adam Perez - Senior Temporary Assistant to the Chief of Human Engagement

Jeff Hardy - Centerpiece Coordinator    Doug Seaman - Sandwich Liason

(the nice thing about starting a charity is we get to make up titles)

Contact:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mustaches for Kids Omaha
6526 S. 172 Ave.
Omaha, Nebraska 68135 


Q. Really?
A. Yes, really.

Q. What if my girlfriend says I can't have a mustache?
A. Dump her. Its that simple. First, its not going to work "long term" if she can't see the beauty of your lip sweater. Second, once you start growing you will have scores of random women giving you cell phone numbers to try to get a taste of your cookie duster.

Q. Is there any way I can support you without actually growing a mustache?
A. Yes, several in fact. First, you can simply support one of the growers by making a donation. Second, you can come to the checkpoint parties. If you are a girl, you can join as a StacheGroupie (there are lots of them). We anticipate quite a group of women to be left in our Burt Reynolds stud wake.

Q. Seriously. For real for real?
A. Absolutely. Since our first campaign in 2009 we have raised over $1,000,000 for local children's charities. Yes, growing mustaches. At some point it starts to feel legitimate.

Q. Can I grow a goatee?
A. No. Mustaches only. No goatees, fu manchus, beards, punk patches, soul patches, cabbage patches, mutton chops, pork chops, karate chops, chin snuggies, jaw poppies, Egyptian curlers, or anything past the corner of the mouth. Sideburns are allowed but must stay north of the stache.

Q. How do I donate? Is my donation tax deductible?
A. Yes, your donation is 100% tax deductible. Just click on the Donate Now button in May and you will go directly to the charity's website to make your donation. Make sure to specify what Grower you are supporting.

Q. Do I have to go to all of the checkpoints?
A. No, but you will want to.  And bring your friends.  Not your dude friends, your good looking female friends.

Q. How do I get information about being the next M4K Charity Partner?
A. Check our website in February for information on our charity selection process.  And "like" us on Facebook for updates and announcements.  We are looking for local charities that are focused on children.  

Q. Is it possible to win seven Olympic gold medals with a mustache?
A. Yes, Mr. Spitz . You know that it is.  We didn't forget you. 




2017 Leader Board

1   Wayne Lewis $35,615
2   Chad Ingersoll $32,362
 3   Gary Muhs $23,274
4   Jon Meyers $17,806
5   Rob Steele $14,835
6   Tom Brantley $13,705
7   Rob Seward $11,763
8   Ian Rennels $10,170
9   Tom Rosencrans $8,442
10   Dave Spence $7,500
11   Greg Schwanke $7,290
12   Ryan Butler $7,025
13   Kris Covi $6,501
14   Adam Perez $6,285
15   Ryan Herrick $5,840

Expanded Leaderboard

Past Campaigns



Camp CoHoLo









Camp CoHoLo









Ted E. Bear Hollow






Ronald McDonald House Omaha


$1,780, 868