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Clean Shave Checkpoint 3 Stache Bash
KellyGilson KellyGilson KellyGilson
Kelly Gilson
KevinCovi KevinCovi KevinCovi

Kevin Covi

The Wish Maker

KevinZ KevinZlomke PicturePlaceholder 
Kevin Zlomke
KirkRohman KirkRohman KirkRohman

Kirk Rohman

The Uninsurable Risk

KrisCovi1 KrisCovi KrisCovi

Kris Covi

The Commodore

MarkCasteel dr-philshame MarkCasteel

Mark Casteel

Electric Tiger

MarkChristensen MarkChristiansen PicturePlaceholder 

Mark Christiansen

Womb Broom

MarkStika MarkStika MarkStika

Mark Stika

Sweep the Stache Johnny

MattAsher MattHatcher MattAsher

Matt Asher

Sir Stachealot

MattFolkerts MattFolkers PicturePlaceholder 

Matt Folkerts

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

MattMcCann MattMcCann MattMcCann

Matt McCann

The Cunning Linguist

trebekshame MattMcKay PicturePlaceholder 
Matt McKay
MattRoth MattRoth MattRoth

Matt Roth

Cowgirl Knockout

MaxSimonson MaxSimonson MaxSimonson

Max Simonson

Uncle Rico

MichaelGunterv MichaelGunter MichaelGunter
Michael Gunter
MichaelJohnson MaxJohnson MaxJohnson

Michael Johnson

Honey Pot

MichaelShumpert MichaelShumpert MichaelShumpert

Michael Shumpert

Trained Feral Bears

MickBrown dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder

Mick Brown

Mustache Sally

MiguelBarajas MiguelBrahas PicturePlaceholder 

Miguel Barajas

El Jefe

MikeCushing dr-philshame MikeCushing

Mike Cushing

The Lavish Lip Furnace

MarkGillham MikeGillham PicturePlaceholder 
Mike Gillham
MikeHasenjager MikeHasenjager PicturePlaceholder 

Mike Hasenjager

Sir Pony Bologna

MikeKrier MikeKrier MikeKrier

Mike Krier


MikeMcintosh MikeMacintosh MikeMacintosh

Mike McIntosh

The Belvedere Express

MikeMurray MikeMurray MikeMurray

Mike Murray

Skid Mark

MikePhelan MikePhelan MikePhelan
Mike Phelan
MikeSelman MikeSellman PicturePlaceholder 

Mike Selman

Yoda Stache

MikeTufte MikeTufte  MikeTufty

Mike Tufte

Village Romeo

MitchSmith MitchSmith  MitchSmith

Mitch Smith

Magnum Von LipComb

NateCaballero NateCabelerro PicturePlaceholder 

Nate Cabellero

Stache Tastico

NateOstrand dr-philshame NateOstrand 
Nate Ostrand
NielMacleod NeilMacLeod  NeilMacleod

Neil MacLeod

The Green Bean

NickolasRatajewski dr-philshame  NickRatejewski
Nickolas Ratajewski
trebekshame dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder 
Parker Schoen
PatHillyer PatHillard PatHillyard 

Pat Hillyer

The Dream Catcher

PaulBaltes dr-philshame PaulBaltes

Paul Baltes

Velvet Prophet

PedroValdez PedroTheNeighbor PicturePlaceholder 

Pedro Valdez

P Stache eo

PhillipWonder Philwonder  PhilWonder

Phil Wonder

Shamrock Omega

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2017 Leader Board

1   Wayne Lewis $35,615
2   Chad Ingersoll $32,362
 3   Gary Muhs $23,274
4   Jon Meyers $17,806
5   Rob Steele $14,835
6   Tom Brantley $13,705
7   Rob Seward $11,763
8   Ian Rennels $10,170
9   Tom Rosencrans $8,442
10   Dave Spence $7,500
11   Greg Schwanke $7,290
12   Ryan Butler $7,025
13   Kris Covi $6,501
14   Adam Perez $6,285
15   Ryan Herrick $5,840

Expanded Leaderboard

Past Campaigns



Camp CoHoLo









Camp CoHoLo









Ted E. Bear Hollow






Ronald McDonald House Omaha


$1,780, 868