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This is what the shirts will look like.  If you want your name or mustache name embroidered on the right chest we will handle that when they get to Omaha.  Click below to use Paypal or a credit card to pay.  







         Growers E-J»
  Clean Shave Checkpoint 3 Stache Bash                                        
  AdamHatch dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  
 Adam Hatch
  AdamKalin dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Adam Kalin

The George Dubya

AdamPerez AdamPerez AdamPerez  

Adam Perez

The Stachefather

  AdamTroester AdamTroester AdamTroester  

 Adam Troester

El Pistolero

  AdrianLapeBrinkman dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Adrian Lape-Brinkman


AlexFrench dr-philshame AlexFrench  

Alex French

  AndrewBennett AndrewBennett PicturePlaceholder  

Andrew Bennet



AndrewHubbard AndyHubbard AndrewHubbard  

 Andrew Hubbard

Gesecht Vorhang

  AndrewMalouf AndrewMalouf AndrewMaloof  

Andrew Malouf

Chipper Muffpatch

  AndrewShalgren AndrewShalgren PicturePlaceholder  

 Andrew Shalgren

Honeymoon Suite

  AnthonyMeyers dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Anthony Meyers

I mustache you a question but I will shave it for later 


BeamanBurwell dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Beaman Burwell

The Burwizzle

  BenChandler BenChandler BenChandler  

 Ben Chandler

Nose Jockey


BenPoole dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Ben Poole

Proof of Life

  BenWallace BenWallace BenWallace  

 Ben Wallace

Platinum Braska


BerkBrown dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Berk Brown

  BhargavaMullapudi BhargavaMullapudi BhargavaMullapudi  

 Bhargava Mullapudi

Taj Mo-Hal

  BobJefferis dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

 Bob Jefferis



BobKerby dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Bob Kerby

The Pedestrian Bridge

  BobThompson RobertThompson BobThompson  

 Bob Thompson


  BradyKerr BradyKerr BradyKerr  

 Brady Kerr

Hot Pocket


BrandonWear BrandonWear PicturePlaceholder  

Brandon Wear

  BrianHarness BrianHarness PicturePlaceholder  

Brian Harness


  BrianPendley dr-philshame BrianPendley  

 Brian Pendley


  BrianSorensen BrianSorensen PicturePlaceholder  

 Brian Sorensen

Fritz The Stache

  BryanKreun BrianKreun BrianKreun  

 Bryan Kreun

Nosey O'Donnell

  BryanMarin BryanMarin BrianMarin  

 Bryan Marin

Pre-Pubescent Catepillar

  BryanScherbring BrianScherbring BrianScherbring  

 Bryan Scherbring

Senor Mustachio

2014 Nastiest Stache

  BryonSteffensmeir BryonSteffensmier BryonSteffensmieir  

 Bryon Steffensmier


  CarlFalk dr-philshame CarlFalk  
 Carl Falk
  CaseySautter dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

 Casey Sautter

  ChadIngersoll ChadIngersoll ChadIngersoll  

 Chad Ingersoll


2014 Most Fundraisingest...again


ChadVacek ChadVacek ChadVacek  

Chad Vacek

  ChaddStackhouse dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Chadd Stackhouse 

  ChrisRedmon dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Chris Redmon

Dirty Squirrel 

  ChrisWalker ChrisWalker PicturePlaceholder  

 Chris Walker

KCGO - (Keep Calm and Grow On)


ColtonVossler dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Colton Vossler

  CoryLesley CoryLeslie CoryLesley  

 Cory Lesly

Stache Gordon

  DanDischler dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

 Dan Dischler

The Tickler

  DanielAksamit DanielAksamit DanielAskamit  

 Daniel Aksamit

General Burnside


DarinStout DarinStout PicturePlaceholder  

Darin Stout

Big Panda Sexy Pants

  DaveCollette DaveColette DaveCollette  

 Dave Collette


  DaveHobza DaveHobza DaveHobza  

 Dave Hobza


2014 Most Testosterone


DaveMerkley dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Dave Merkley

  DavidJacobs DavidJacobs DavidJacobs  

 David Jacobs


  DavidMillice dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

 David Millice

LIp Koozie

  DavidMinderman dr-philshame DavidMinderman  

David Minderman


  DavidRudd DavidRudd DaveRudd  

 David Rudd

Old Gray

  DavidStiles DavidStiles DavidStiles  

 David Stiles

El Terrifico

  DougSeaman DougSeaman DougSeaman  

 Doug Seaman


  DustenCrichton DustinChrichton DustinChrchton  

 Dusten Crichton

Fuzzy Caterpillar



Growers E-J»


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  Clean Shave Checkpoint 3 Stache Bash  
                            EricChandler dr-philshame EricChandler  

Eric Chandler

The Calypso Institute of Higher Learning

  EricDepue EricDepue EricDepue  

Eric Depue


  EricRenner EricRenner EricRenner  

Eric Renner


  GaryJones dr-philshame GaryJones  

Gary Jones 

  GaryMorse dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

 Gary Morse

Mo's Flo's

   GaylePeterson GailPeterson GaylePeterson  

Gail Petersen

The Informant

  GeorgeSvagera GeorgeSvagera GeorgeSvagera  

George Svagera

In the Right Light 

  GrantMussleman dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Grant Mussleman

Muscle Man 

  GregMoustakes GregMoustakes GregMoustakes  

Greg Moustakes


  GregSchwanke dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Greg Schwanke

The Mouthbrow 

  HernanHernandez HernanHernandez HernanHernandez  

Hernan Hernandez

Don Quixote 


IanBevington dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Ian Bevington

  IanRennels IanRennels IanRennels  

Ian Rennels

Jarvis Cottonbottom Esq. 


JaceShuppan dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Jace Shuppan

  JamesThiele JamesTheille PicturePlaceholder  

James Thiele


  JamieWalingford JamieWallingford PicturePlaceholder  

Jamie Wallingford 

  JaredLong JaredLong JaredLong  

Jared Long


  JasonNash dr-philshame JasonNash  

Jason Nash

The Nash Stache 

  JayPaxton dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Jay Paxton

The Experience 

  JaySlagle JaySlagle PicturePlaceholder  

Jay Slagle

  JeffCremers JeffCramer JeffCremers  

Jeff Cremers

Carl Spackler 

  jebchristiansen jebchristiansen2  PicturePlaceholder  
    Jeb Christiansen    
  JeffGordon dr-philshame JeffGordon  

 Jeff Gordon

Lip Tupee

  JeffHardy JeffHardy JeffHardy  

Jeff Hardy

The Continental 


JeffHylton dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Jeff Hylton

Geezer Teezer

  JeffRichardson JeffRichardson JeffRichardson  

Jeff Richardson


  JeffRiddle JeffRiddle PicturePlaceholder  

Jeff Riddle


  JeffSpidle dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Jeff Spidle

Chewbacca's Musk 

  JeremyWhite JeremyWhite PicturePlaceholder  

Jeremy White

San Diego 


JerrodCombs dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Jerrod Combs

The J Stache

  JoeGlogowski JoeGlogowski PicturePlaceholder  

Joe Glogowski

J Glow


JoeMannschreck dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Joe Mannschreck

  JoelWiest dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Joel Wiest

The Alpaca 

  JohnBowan JohnBowen JohnBowen  

John Bowen

The Macallan 

  JohnHower JohnHower JohnHower  

John Hower

Die Jinig Der Wolfe 

  John Norton JohnNorton PicturePlaceholder  

John Norton

The Walrus


JohnSchmidt dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

John Schmidt

Jingleheimer Schmidt

  JohnVyhlidal JohnVyhlidal JohnVyhlidal  

John Vyhlidal


  JohnWeremy dr-philshame JohnWeremy  

John Weremy



JonBuscher dr-philshame JonBuscher  

Jon Buscher

Hairy Buscher III


JohnGrady dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Jon Grady


  JonMeyers dr-philshame JohnMeyers  

Jon Meyers



JonSmith dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Jon Smith

Dirty Larry

  JonathanBorgstadt JonathonBorgstadt JonathonBorgstadt  

Jonathan Borgstadt

My Eyes Are Up Here 

  JoshEvent JoshEvert JoshEvert  

 Josh Evert

The Juice

  JoshImhoff dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Joshua Imhoff

Something Stupid 


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  Clean Shave Checkpoint 3 Stache Bash  
KellySeveon dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Kelly Savery

Irreconcilable Differences 

  KentRadke KentRadke PicturePlaceholder  

Kent Radke


  KevinCovi KevinCovi KevinCovi  

 Kevin Covi

Absolutely Her

  KevinLimpach dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Kevin Limpach

Not a Cop 


KevinRigard dr-philshame KevinRigard  

Kevin Rigard

The Canadian Cutlet 

  KirkRohman KirkRohman KirkRohman  

Kirk Rohman

The Uninsurable Risk 

  KrisCovi KrisCovi KrisCovi  

Kris Covi

The Commodore 

  KyleGaston dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Kyle Gaston 


trebekshame KyleGustafson PicturePlaceholder  

Kyle Gaston

  KyleThorberg dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Kyle Thorberg


  KyreMorton KyreMorton PicturePlaceholder  

Kyre Morton

Lamontz Billy D Willams 

  LaneKelly dr-philshame LaneKelly  

 Lane Kelly

Party in the Back, Party in the Front

  MarcBowman MarcBowman MarcBowman  

Marc Bowman

The Bow Stache 


MarkPuccioni MarkPuccioni PicturePlaceholder  

Mark Puccioni

  MarvinWastell MarvinWastell PicturePlaceholder  

Marvin Wastell

The Sensitivity Trainer 

  MattAsher MattAsher MattAsher  

Matt Asher

Sir Stache Alot 

  MattFolkerts dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Matt Folkerts

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend 

  MattMcCann MattMcCann PicturePlaceholder  

Matt McCann

The Cunning Linguist 

  MattMcKinney dr-philshame MattMcKinney  

Matt McKinney

The Smuggler 

  MattScarsi MattScarsi PicturePlaceholder  

Matt Scarsi

Against Better Judgement 


MattSnow dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Matt Snow

  MaxJohnson MaxJohnson PicturePlaceholder  

Max Johnson 

  MichaelDavis dr-philshame MichaelDavis  

Michael Davis


  MichaelGunter MichaelGunter MichaelGunter  

Michael Gunter

The Lollygagger 

  MichaelShumpert MichaelShumpert MichaelShumpert  

Michael Shumpert


  MikeAltschuld MikeAltshuld MikeAltschuld  

Mike Altschuld

Strip Club Cheeseburger

  MikeKrier MikeKrier MikeKrier  

Mike Krier

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn 


MikeRockwood dr-philshame MikeRockwood  

Mike Rockwood

The Quicker Picker

  MikeySelman MikeySelman MikeySelman  

Mikey Selman



MohanadShukry MoShukry PicturePlaceholder  

Mohanad Shukry

Mo Stache

  Mosah Fernandez-Goodman dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

 Mosah Fernandez-Goodman

  NateCaballero dr-philshame NateCaballero  

Nate Caballero



PicturePlaceholder dr-philshame NateOstrand  

Nate Ostrand

  NateSchultz dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Nate Schultz

The Public Boatramp 

  NathanMarquiss NathanMarquist NathanMarquiss  

Nathan Marquiss

Department of Offense 

  NeilMacleod NeilMacleod NeilMacleod  

Neil Macleod

Brother Greenbean 

  NickCiurej NickCiurej NickCiurej  

Nick Ciurej 

  NickSchmitt NickSchmidt NickSchmidt  

Nick Schmitt

The Clam Hammer

  OscarGonzalez OscarGonzalez PicturePlaceholder  
Oscar Gonzalez 
  PatHillyer PatHyllard PicturePlaceholder

Pat Hillyer

The Dreamcatcher 

  Patrick Wyman PatrickWyman PicturePlaceholder  

Patrick Wyman 


PaulFraynd PaulFraynd PaulFraynd  

Paul Fraynd

White Lightning

  PaulMurphy dr-philshame PicturePlaceholder  

Paul Murphy

Mouth Jockey 


PeterStrzyz PeterStrzyz PeterStrzyz  

Peter Strzyz

  PhilWonder PhilWonder PhilWonder  

Phil Wonder

Shamrock Omega 


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2017 Leader Board

1   Wayne Lewis $35,615
2   Chad Ingersoll $32,362
 3   Gary Muhs $23,274
4   Jon Meyers $17,806
5   Rob Steele $14,835
6   Tom Brantley $13,705
7   Rob Seward $11,763
8   Ian Rennels $10,170
9   Tom Rosencrans $8,442
10   Dave Spence $7,500
11   Greg Schwanke $7,290
12   Ryan Butler $7,025
13   Kris Covi $6,501
14   Adam Perez $6,285
15   Ryan Herrick $5,840

Expanded Leaderboard

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Camp CoHoLo









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Ronald McDonald House Omaha


$1,780, 868