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Clean Shave Checkpoint 3 StacheBash
AaronHorn AaronHorn AaronHorn

Aaron Horn

Vigilante Dawn

AdamCook AdamCook AdamCook

Adam Cook


AdamPerez AdamPerez AdamPerez

Adam Perez

The StacheFather

AdamRamaekers RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160

Adam Ramaekers

El Sucio

AlexGates AlexGates PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160

Alex Gates

The Limozeen

AndrewFlater AndrewFlater AndrewFlater

Andrew Flater


AndrewGalvin RosieOddonell AndrewGalvin

Andrew Galvin

Bloody Hairy 2

AndrewHubbard AndrewHubbard AndrewHubbard

Andrew Hubbard

Kim Jong Poon

BenChandler BenChandler BenChandler

Ben Chandler

Wicked Lester

BenWallace BenWallace PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160

Ben Wallace

Punny Furchrome

PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160 BenjaminSande BenjaminSande

Benjamin Sande

Peach Fuzz

BernMendick BernMendick BernMendik

Bern Mendick

Feel the Bern

BobHladik BobHladlik BobHladik

Bob Hladik

Abe Froman

BrentSmoyer BrentSmoyer PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160

Brent Smoyer

The Hard Deck

BrianBonifant RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160

Brian Bonifant


BrianJones BrianJones PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160

Brian Jones

Rookie of the Year

BrinaMoore BrianMoore BrianMoore

Brian Moore

Ron Mexico

BrianPendley RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160

Brian Pendley

The Last Straw

BrianSorensen RosieOddonell BrianSorenson

Brian Sorensen

The Big Whiffer

BryanPeterson BryanPeterson BryanPeterson

Bryan Peterson

Before & After

BryonSteffensmeier BryonSteffensmeier BryonSteffensmeier

Bryon Steffensmeier


ChadIngersoll ChadIngersoll ChadIngersoll

Chad Ingersoll

El Conquistador

ChadVacek RosieOddonell ChadVacek

Chad Vacek


ChrisFish RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160

Chris Fish

Pocket Weasel

ChrisFlott RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160

Chris Flott

mira que es un poco el bigote

CliffMcevoy CliffMcEroy CliffMcEvoy

Cliff McEvoy

Dread Pirate Roberts

CoryCutchall CoryCutchall CoryCutchall

Cory Cutchall

Funeral Deuce

CoryLesley CoreyLesley CoryLesly

Cory Lesley

Stache & Burn

CraigCaspari CraigCaspari CraigCasbury

Craig Caspari

The Columella Dwella

Growers D-J»


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  Clean Shave Checkpoint 3 StacheBash  
  DanellTaylor RosieOddonell DanellTaylor  

Danell Taylor

Ghost Rider

  DannyEwer RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Danny Ewer

The Ghost


DaveCollette DaveCollette DaveCollette  

Dave Collette


  DaveKrymuza RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Dave Krymuza

Schtevee Buttons

  DavidJacobs RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

David Jacobs


  DavidRudd DavidRudd DavidRudd  

David Rudd

C. Bandit

  trebekshame DavidHoy PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

David Hoy

  DougSeaman DougSeamen DougSeaman  

Doug Seaman


  DougStock RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Doug Stock

Yuge Mistake, Yuge


DustinJohnson DustinJohnson DustinJohnson  

Dustin Johnson

Sir Bart Avundig Utenskjeff (aka "Bart the 1st")


DustinLepp RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Dustin Lepp

Dirty Sanchez

  DylanGoswick DylanGoswick DylanGoswick  

Dylan Goswick


EddieStueve RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Eddie Stueve

The Burgundy

  EricDupue EricDepue EricDepue  

Eric Depue



FrankHerzog FrankHerzog FrankHerzog  

Frank Herzog

Alahoosa County Comissioner


FrankMarasco RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  
Frank Marasco

Bob Belcher

  GailPeterson GailPeterson GailPeterson  

Gail Peterson

Second Chance

  GeorgeSvagera GeorgeSvagera PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

George Svagera

In the Right Light


GrantOrley GrantOrley GrantOrley  

Grant Orley

Ol' Pissy Leg

  GregSchwanke GregSchwanke GregSchwanke  

Greg Schwanke


  IanRennels IanRennels IanRennells  

Ian Rennels

The Trifecta

  JamesThiele RosieOddonell JamesThielle  

James Thiele

Bohemian Majesty

  JaredLong JaredLong JaredLong  

Jared Long



JasonNash JasonNash PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Jason Nash


  trebekshame RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Jay Paxton

Triple T


JeffCremers RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Jeff Cremers

Bill F-ing Murray


JeffHardy JeffHardy JeffHardy  

Jeff Hardy

The Continental


JeffRichardson RosieOddonell JeffRichardson  

Jeff Richardson

The Lip Weasel


JoeBartek JoeBartek PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Joe Bartek

Emitiated Roden


JoeGreve JoeGreve JoeGreve  

Joe Greve

Mt. FujiStache


JohnBowen JohnBowen PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

John Bowen

The Macallan


JohnWarne JohnWarne PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

John Warne



JohnWeremy JohnWeremy JonWeremy  

John Weremy



JohnMeyers JonMeyers PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Jon Meyers



JonathanPapic JonPapic JohnPapic  

Jon Papic

Where's Waldo

  JonathanLeymaster JonathanLeymaster JonathanLeymaster  

Jonathan Leymaster


  JordanLill RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Jordan Lill

The Rug That Ties the Room Together


PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160 PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160 JustinConnors  

Justin Connors

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  Clean Shave Checkpoint 3 StacheBash  
  KeithGatzemeyer KeithGatzmeyer PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Keith Gatzemeyer

ShamrockAlphaLogo Fotor

  KeithRedlin KeithRedlin PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Keith Redlin


  KevingCovi KevinCovi KevinCovi  

Kevin Covi

Silicon Prairie

  KirkRohman KirkRohman KirkRohman  

Kirk Rohman

The Uninsurable Risk

  KrisCovi KrisCovi KrisCovi  

Kris Covi

The Commodore

  KurtMehlin RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Kurt Mehlin



LouisPhillips RosieOddonell LouisPhillips  

Louis Phillips


MarkLevin RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Mark Levin

My Furry Friend


MattAsher RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Matt Asher

Sir Stache A Lot

  MattFolkerts MattFolkerts PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Matt Folkerts

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

  MarkHerzog RosieOddonell MattHerzog  

Matt Herzog

The Enes

  MarkKetcham MattKetcham MattKetcham  

Matt Ketcham

Mouth Brow

  MattMcKinney MattMcKinney MattMcKinney  

Matt McKinney

The Smuggler


MattMenard RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Matt Mendard

Cool Whip

  MattScarsi MattScarsi MattScarsi  

Matt Scarsi

Against Better Jud

  MattSchur MattSchur MattSchur  

Matt Schur

The Thunderbird


MichaelCrabb RosieOddonell MichaelCrabb  

Michael Crabb

  MichaelGunter MichaelGunter MikeGunter  

Michael Gunter

The Lollygagger


MichaelJohnson MichaelJohnson PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Michael Johnson

The Honeypot


MichaelShumpert MichaelShumpbert MichaelShumpert  

Michael Shumpert

All That is Man


MikeAltschuld MikeAltschuld MikeAltschuld  

Mike Altschuld

Striclub Cheeseburger

  MikeCarlin MikeCarlin MikeCarlin  

Mike Carlin

Thin to Win



MikeKrier MikeKrier MikeKrier  

Mike Krier

The Dirt Squirrel

  MikeMorey RosieOddonell PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Mike Morey

Pandhandle Slim


MikeySelman MikeySelman MikeySelman  

Mikey Selman



MoShukry MoShukuy PicturePlaceHolderOface Logo120x160  

Mo Shukry


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Ron Says:   




"Cultivating a manly musk puts opponents on notice."



2017 Leader Board

1   Wayne Lewis $35,615
2   Chad Ingersoll $32,362
 3   Gary Muhs $23,274
4   Jon Meyers $17,806
5   Rob Steele $14,835
6   Tom Brantley $13,705
7   Rob Seward $11,763
8   Ian Rennels $10,170
9   Tom Rosencrans $8,442
10   Dave Spence $7,500
11   Greg Schwanke $7,290
12   Ryan Butler $7,025
13   Kris Covi $6,501
14   Adam Perez $6,285
15   Ryan Herrick $5,840

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