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Stache bash

Simply put, Stache Bash is the greatest night of the year. In fact, this year's Stache Bash will be the greatest night you had last year. It is equal parts Academy Awards, Miss America Pageant (but for dudes), and outrageous costume party. We will give out some awards, recognize greatness, celebrate our seven awesome Charity Partners, and party all night.  Check out this video for a taste of Stache Bash 2018.


Where:  Slowdown

When:  June 1st, 6:00 doors open (8:30 program)


Food?  No, the Slowdown does not serve food.  There is a taco truck but that is for late night eats - you should eat before you come.

Drinks?  Yes.

Dress Code?  Most dudes will be in costumes or their Grower shirts. Ladies generally do not wear costumes unless it is part of or complement a Grower's costume.


We have several celebrity judges that vote on the Stachey Awards, presented by Godfather's Pizza.  Awards include:

Sweetest Stache.  This is the granddaddy of all, the national title, the Triple Crown of mustache achievement. The winner receives The Magnum for a year and is forever celebrated as a demi-god among mustached men. There is no higher honor.  Sweetest Stache is a combination of stache, charisma, and earning power.

Most Fundraisingest Stachey.  This one is self-explanatory but goes to the dude with the highest total at the end of the campaign (5:00 on Friday). This one probably should be a bigger deal than Sweetest Stache.  But it isn't.

Best Costume.  What does it take?  Everything.  You have to be creative, original, lucky, and arrive no later than 7:00.  A team of anonymous volunteers select the finalists and then the audience will pick a winner by text vote.

Most Testosterone.  Biggest, baddest, manliest stache in the room.

Rookie of the Year. Yes, dollars count, but it is not all we are looking for.  Our Board selects the Rookie of the Year based on fundraising, enthusiasm, and participation in the cause.

Nastiest Stache. Hey, its a Stachey.

Jen Rudd StacheGroupie of the Year.  This goes to a woman who has gone over and above to promote the cause and support our efforts. It is named after our Guardian Angel who passed away in 2014 but was a driving force in shaping the organization as it is today.

Sexiest Company in America.  This is strictly math.  Whatever company has at least 5 Growers and has the highest per-Grower average at 5:00 on Friday gets this Stachey and a banner to hang in their workplace.